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Our Beginning


It began in the shadows of the Black Hills…Two brothers were hiking near the beautiful Cathedral Spires in Custer State Park were considering how to bring their dream of craft distilled spirits to South Dakota. The brothers’ had a great grandfather who enjoyed distilling in Ireland before arriving in the United States in 1872. As the folklore goes, he passed down to the family many stories of distilling and several recipes. It had been a dream of the brothers to take up their great grandfather’s legacy and open a distillery of their own. The natural beauty and serenity of the Black Hills could not be matched and made the perfect location to share their dream with others.

Black Hills Dakota Distillery was born on that long trek. It is located just outside Sturgis South Dakota. The brothers believe that small batch craft distilling is the best way to bring superior quality and local ingredients to their spirits. They utilize all natural ingredients from South Dakota producers. No artificial ingredients are used in the distilling process.

South Dakota and the Black Hills


South Dakota is a special place; it is the heart and soul of everything produced by Black Hills Dakota Distillery. This 77,000 square mile state is made up of acres upon acres of open rolling farm and ranch land. The Black Hills are a small, isolated mountain range rising from the Great Plains. This “island in the prairie,” is a place of mountains, lakes, pine trees and clear cold running streams. The hills got their name because of their dark appearance from a distance. The Black Hills hosts an abundance of natural wildlife, scenery and western history.


For centuries, people have sought the solitude and calm spirit provided by the Black Hills.

This spirit brings a unique connection to the land and grains and fruits produced from it that is the heritage of South Dakota

Craft Distilling

This same heritage is embodied in the efforts of two brothers who decided to combine their Irish roots with the finest grains and fruits of South Dakota. Black Hills Dakota Distillery brings a tradition of small batch distilling to the Black Hills. We produce hand crafted liquors in small batches, pure and slow – truly handmade spirits. These handmade spirits are a unique taste of the flavor born in South Dakota.

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