For Sale


BHD Distillery For Sale

Yes we are for sale. Times have changed and our children have left for different parts of the county. We would like to follow. Unfortunate, it will be too difficult to take the distillery with us. So we are looking for a new owner to carry on.

All licenses, products, material and equipment are for sale. This complete package would be everything one would be needed to carry on the business. If you have any question or need additional information please email at Our asking price is $20,000, or best offer. Depending on the time and details of the sales we would be willing to assist and train the new owners in the business and art of distilling.

Sale will include:

  • Federal license (Transferable to other states)
  • Federal Reporting Process
  • South Dakota State license
  • All product receipts, Trade Marks, labels and remaining inventory
  • Inventory software
  • Book keeping software
  • Proofing & Blending Software
  • Promotional Materials
  • Assorted Technical Manuals & Books
  • Assorted wall decorations

  • Tasting bar with 4-stools
  • 2-Picnic tables
  • Freezer
  • 55-gal, 4-plat Column still, electric
  • 2-250-gal Cool water tanks w/ heat reducing coil
  • 110-gal Fermentation tank
  • 6-50-gal Storage/blending barrels
  • 800-lb Limit electric scales
  • 2-Material storage barrels

  • 2-Guest tables with 8-stools
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • 15-gal, Column still, LP gas
  • 150-gal Mash tun, electric
  • 4-50-gal Fermentation barrels
  • 6- Barrel trolleys
  • Grain milling machine

  • Wooden product storage bin
  • Proofing and production hydrometers
  • Vacuum bottler w/ filter
  • 120-6-bottle Cases, clean empty

  • Assorted glass wear
  • Brix and SG refractometers
  • Transfer pump w/ filter
  • Tee tops and closures

Drink In the Spirit of the Hills