Sturgis Shine

It’s not your Grandfather’s Moonshine

Made from freshly milled South Dakota barley and golden clove honey. It is triple distilled and bottled at 100 proof. Sturgis Shine has a smooth, sweet, earthly flavor with nodes of sweet cloves and fresh barley, creating a unique taste with an uncommonly smooth finish. Our distillers hold nothing back in bringing the inspirational setting of the Black Hills to your glass.


Sit Back, Relax, and Drink in the Spirit of the Hills.

What Makes us Different

Sturgis Shine is not your typical Appalachian Moonshine. Several factors make our spirit different:

South Dakota Produced – By using fresh ingredients from local farms and gardens we can bring to you the true taste of South Dakota in a bottle.

Small Batched Distilled – Small batches allows us to give the time and attention needed to produce this unique spirit, while the big batch distiller produce their shine by hundreds of gallons and mix it all together into one concoction.

Barley Based – Barley adds a sweet, wholesome, earthy flavor to the spirit, unlike the raw corn flavor of traditional moonshines.

Tripled Distilled – With each distillation more and more impurities are removed from the spirit. Within our processes, we remove the heads and tails from the product, while with traditional Appalachian moonshines whatever comes off the still goes into the bottle.

Charcoal Filtered – Filtering through activated charcoal removes long chain fusel oils from the spirit, giving it a much smoother flavor.

What’s New

Black Hills Dakota Distillery is pleased to introduce three new Sturgis Shine flavors.

Apple Bliss

Apple Bliss

Apple Bliss is the silky flavor of our Sturgis Shine with apple, cinnamon and cloves. This 50 proof liquor is made with all natural 100% apple juice, whole cinnamon sticks and clove. It has a flavor that takes you home to those memories of family gatherings.

Enjoy hot on those cool fall days or over crushed ice with a splash of ginger ale on warm summer evenings.



Rhuberry is a savory mixture of our Sturgis Shine with tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberries. Rhuberry is bottled at 50 proof with all natural ingredients. It has the flavor of sweet strawberries with the zesty taste of rhubarb. It reminds you of those home make jams and sauces served with morning toast or over ice cream.

Great served as an ice cream soda. A scope of vanilla ice cream in a desert glass with Rhuberry and club soda on top, garnish with sliced strawberries. And will reinvent your appreciation of the margarita with a splash of margarita mix.


Amber Shine

Amber Shine is a smooth spirit infused with charred oak spirals. The spirals give Sturgis Shine an amber color, and the vanilla and caramel flavors of fine whiskeys but with the earthy essence of barley. Bottled at 80 proof, it makes for a fine sipping spirit.

Goes great with any whiskey cocktail or on its own over ice.


Our flavors are made with all natural ingredients and whole fresh fruits. Some sediment from the fruit may remain in the bottle. We would rather have this sediment than filter out the taste and characteristic of our flavors. Just shake before pouring.




I generally shy away from moonshine, but this is so smooth that it goes down real smooth and easy.
Jessie, Huntsville, AL

This stuff goes great in sweet tea. Tastes just like a Long Island Ice Tea.
Ben, Rapid City, SD

I have had lots of moonshine in my day, but this tops the list.
Ron, Greenville, SC

I wasn’t too sure about tasting it, but Sturgis Shine is so smooth and has such a sweet classy flavor it really surprised me.
Tim, Houston, TX

Very good, I’m impressed. I’m going to take a bottle home to my friends, they’ll love it.
Cal, Savannah, GA

Where can I get a Tee Shirt?
John, Rapid City, SD