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Sweet Wheat Vodka

Our newest spirit Sweet Wheat Vodka. Our vodka is distilled form locally grown wheat and honey harvested from honey bee hives located just yards from our distillery. Sweet Wheat Vodka leaves the palate with a sweet earth finish. This small batch spirit is six times distilled and carbon filtered to produce a smooth drinking experience.


Pooka Potcheen

Potcheen is a traditional distilled Irish spirit dating back some 400 years. Traditionally distilled in a small pot stills in remote rural areas. The term is a derived from the Irish word pota, meaning “pot”. Potcheen is considered an important part in the traditional Irish culture especially in the rural parts with many Irish folk songs, literature and art work featuring the spirit. There have also even been films made documenting the history and social significance of Poteen in Ireland.

In 1661 home distillation was made illegal by the government in order to force the popular to buy spirits which had taxes levied on them. The last 20 or so years have seen significant events occur in the history of Potcheen. In 1989 it was made legal for Potcheen to be produced but for exported from Ireland only. In 1997 it was made legal for domestic sale in Ireland. Poteen still remains illegal in Northern Ireland.

Our Potcheen is based on a receipt brought to America by our great-grandfather from County Limerich, Ireland where he and his father were caretakers of the Castle Matrix. Born in 1855, he came to this country at the end of the Irish potato famine as a stowaway on cargo vessel. His receipt uses white and brown sugars, honey and barley to produce a smooth, sweet and earthy flavored Potcheen with notes of clove honey. Only all natural, locally grown ingredients are used in making this small batch tradition. Pooka Potcheen Gold contains the same ingredients as our Pooka Potcheen but has been infused with charred oak giving it its sweet caramel and vanilla notes, much like and Irish whiskey

The Pooka

A Pooka is a mischievous specter of Irish folklore. The Pooka generally manifest itself as a jet black stallion with fiery red eyes. The mountains and hills of Ireland are generally considered to be its realm.

Know to wreak havoc through villages and the contrary side. The Pooka can be both helpful or a menace. It has been known to be helpful to a needy farmer. However, an encounter with the Pooka is usually not considered to be lucky since its appearance often predicts oncoming doom. Known to be deceptive and crafty a Pooka’s nature is to be a trickster.

A Pooka gallops through the country side knocking down fences, making a mess of gardens and destroying crops. The Pooka is known to take drunken riders on wild all night rides then shake him off in grey hours of the morn. This person, being under the spell of the Pooka and heavily intoxicated, has no recollection of what happened the previous night. Therefore, many troubles of forgotten nights, induced by liquid spirits, have been blamed on the Pooka.

Sturgis Shine

Sturgis Shine is born from a combination of freshly milled South Dakota barley and pure golden clove honey. Triple distilled and charcoal filtered, Sturgis Shine measures in at 100 proof. Sturgis Shine’s sweet and earthy nose gives way to a slight clove spice. Those seeking a sophisticated and clean spirit will find Sturgis Shine to be as invigorating as its birthplace in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Enjoy this wonderful spirit with your favorite mixer or drink it straight with a touch of water to let the true flavor shine.

It’s Not Your Granfather’s Moonshine.

Apple Bliss

Apple Bliss is the silky flavor of our Sturgis Shine with apple, cinnamon and cloves. This 50 proof liquor is made with all natural 100% apple juice, whole cinnamon sticks, clove bulbs and dark syrup. It has a flavor that takes you home to those memories of family gatherings and grandparent.


Rhuberry is a savory mixture of our Sturgis Shine with tangy rhubarb and sweet strawberries. Rhuberry is bottled at 50 proof with all natural ingredients. It has the flavor of sweet strawberries with the zesty taste of rhubarb. It reminds you of those home make jams and sauces served with morning toast or over ice cream.

Amber Shine

Amber Shine is a smooth spirit infused with charred oak spirals. The spirals give Sturgis Shine that amber colors, and vanilla and caramel flavors of fine whiskeys but with the earthy essence of barley. Bottled at 80 proof, it makes for a fine sipping spirit.

Raspberry Blaze

Raspberry Blaze is the combination of our Sturgis Shine with raspberry and jalapeno pepper. The combination gives you the sweet flavor to the raspberry with a mild jalapeno bite. Raspberry Blaze is bottled at 50 proof with all natural ingredients.

What Makes Us Unique

  • – South Dakota produced using South Dakota products
  • – First legal distillery in the Black Hills
  • – Artisan distilled in small batches
  • – Certified Craft Spirit by ADI
  • – Charcoal Filtered

Drink In the Spirit of the Hills